Just Keep Swimming

water ripples

Like Dory says/sings … “Just keep swimming” is good advice … especially when job searching. I’ve been applying to positions I see online and updating my profiles on job sites and with agencies. Frustration easily sets in when I don’t hear back. (Well, you knew that would happen. You can’t expect a barrage of “We want to hire you!” messages in your inbox … legitimate ones anyway.)

Yup, I know … I need to just keep swimming … just keep looking for jobs. Though at times I feel I’m just treading water and I can’t see the shore or any boat. (Are you really looking all around you? Are you really not seeing anything?) Sigh, I guess I can look harder. It’s just all this “treading” is tiring. I want to dive in and be a strong leg on a relay team … or at least know where I’m swimming and what I’m swimming for.

I’ll keep going … searching for that shore.

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