Color Brainstorming

color brainstorming

Like stretching is good to do before running, brainstorming is good to do before creative activities (whether it be drawing, writing, dancing, singing, whatever) or just for the simple purpose of having fun. The session I had earlier today was fun and it was for illustrative purposes for this post (see photo). When you are getting ready to work on a project, limbering up your thinking and idea flow is extremely helpful. It can shake things up, dust things off, help you rediscover long-forgotten memories and ideas, and make new associations. It can also help with focus.

What do you think of when you think of when you think of [color]?

To start, write down all the basic colors (think of what’s in a simple pack of crayons). Then add a few others, like “metallic”, “clear”, your favorites, and common multi-color combinations. Finally, start answering the question “What do you think of when you think of [color]?” It’s fun to see what appears.

It’s best to approach this with no limits on what comes to mind. Think of the typical, atypical, new, interesting, bizarre, whatever. Starting with no limits opens the possibilities to many more ideas … they’re often found in unexpected places.

The first time I did this (a few years ago), I started writing down and sketching Muppets, food, and movies mostly. They were on my mind for some reason, I was hungry, and I love movies. Anyway …

  • Yellow—Big Bird, bananas
  • Blue—Cookie Monster. Grover
  • Green—Kermit. Oscar the Grouch, avocados, “Super green!”
  • Purple—Gonzo, grapes
  • Red—Elmo, strawberries, Buttercup’s dress, Lola explaining the color to Charlie
  • Orange—orange, carrot, Cheetos, Leeloo’s hair

I didn’t do it for anything specific, I think I was bored, but it was a lot of fun and I felt good afterward.

Give it a try. I’d like to see what you come up with.

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