An Introduction

After doing plenty of research (*cough* procrastination *cough*) on the subject of blogging, the planets (and my motivation) have finally aligned for me to get off my arse and post something. Many questions (often from my inner peanut gallery) have popped up and I’ve been having a time (thankfully, mostly amusing) dealing with them. I got the idea for addressing the following sections from Harsh Agrawal’s article “This Is Exactly What Your First Blog Post Should Be About” on Thank you, Harsh!)

Who I Am | Why I’m Blogging | What I’m Blogging About | My Intended Audience | Reader Involvement | My Blogging Goals

Who I Am

Introducing myself to you is one of the things I’ve read about that I should do. “Who are you?” is asked and the first thing I think of is when Fin Raziel asks who Willow is. The second thing? The CSI theme song. Anyway, without further ado … Hi, I’m Kristina. (“Hiii, Kristinaaaa.”)

Here are some of my favorite things and trivia about me.

  • Raindrops on roses
  • Quoting movies/tv/songs
  • Color: green
  • Food: sushi
  • Sounds: rain, psithurism
  • Music genre: heavy metal
  • Freetime activities: drawing/doodling, being outside, watching movies, traveling (at least vicariously online), puzzles (especially crosswords & anagrams), trivia, eating, stargazing, doing voices, …
  • Other things I love/geek out on: color, maps, vicarious traveling, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, various superhero movies, fountain pens and inks, …
  • Jeg snakker Norsk

Why I’m Blogging

Hmm, I guess I’m blogging to be able to:

  • get my thoughts out,
  • help others,
  • find my tribe, and
  • get my name out there so I can eventually become a successful freelance designer/artist.

What I’m Blogging About

I’ve thought about this quite a bit and have decided on the following.

  • Observations (especially pertaining to color, design, and brainstorming)
  • Creativity
  • Inspiration
  • Art How-Tos
  • Job Searching
  • Mindfulness & Gratitude
  • Dealing with Depression

I’ll probably add things as I go along, but this is a good start.

My Intended Audience

Myself, creatives, people dealing with depression, people wanting to learn how to do something, bored people, people looking for something new, … anyone actually. You don’t have to be “creative” or “depressed” in order to be able to enjoy what’s on this site.

Reader Involvement

I’ll definitely allow comments (legitimate and respectful ones … NO spam or trolling, thank you!) and encourage discussions. (*picturing Linda Richman*)

My Blogging Goals

I’d love for this site to be a place others go to for creative inspiration and to find out about me as a creative.

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